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Gift Caricature. 

Working from photos and description, a special souvenir for all occasions, especially retirements, company promotions or farewells, anniversaries and wedding receptions. The image in the right was a birthday present to a family member referencing past anecdotes with some embellishment of the events.


Father's Day 2020

Family themed Father's Day Gift.

Family themed Father's Day Gift.

Family themed Father's Day Gift.

Previous Father's Day gift in which a superhero theme was requested by the Mom!

This was a recent commission in which Mom requested a superhero themed scene due to Dad's love for comics.

Customized Father's Day Caricatures

Family themed Father's Day Gift.

Family themed Father's Day Gift.

Surprise Dad with a personalized caricature featuring his hoobies and interests.

Surprise Dad with a personalized caricature from photos featuring his favorite hobbies and interests.

Features from the Artist


Farewells 2019

A brief group caricature featuring celebrities that passed away in 2019. From top to bottom, they include John Havlicek, Frank Robinson, Ric Ocasek Peter Fonda, Robert Mugabe, Doris Day, Luke Perry, Jose Jose, Peter Tork, Danny Aiello, IM Pei and Maya Angelou.


Greeting Card Ideas

2018 Family Cartoon Illustration used for the client's customized Christmas greeting card. Photos and theme suggestions were provided for the artwork.


Birthday gift

Gift for child's birthday. Client requested the theme based on his nephew's love for planes.



This was a sample piece sent to a client hosting their annual Basset Hound event downstate. It served as the selling point for securing my services drawing people's Basset dogs. Drawing pets is very popular both live at festivals or from photos emailed to my studio.


Editorial Cartoons

Cartoon used for a feature story in UIC's Gazette newspaper. 

Farewells 2018

This image was a non commissioned project consisting of a group caricature illustration featuring prominent celebrities we said farewell to in 2018. This studio piece was completed in ink and watercolor,  my most often used style and technique, 

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